Ham Radio

I was first licensed in 1994 as N9YXA. In 1995 my parents purchased my first HF radio, a Kenwood TS-180 which helped me work nearly 98 countries and 46 states. Unfortunately, in 1997 during my trip to Zimbabwe (as Z2/N9YXA) it was smashed by a famous European airline on the journey from Heathrow to Harare. Later that year, I bought a Kenwood TS-930 from my mentor, N9JLP. In 1998, I got my Extra class license (with the 20WPM test).

Was semi-active in NYC during the from 2005 to early 2011-ish from Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn before returning to the Midwest.

What Is WT2P Up To Now?

Primary radio interests are DXing & Contesting on CW. RTTY, FT4/8, SSB.

I have upgraded the station to do 2BSIQ (2 Band Synchronized Interleaved QSO) for contesting. This has pushed me to learn a whole new host of strategies.

I am active on 160-2M in most major contests. I have even won a few things!

The station has evolved quite a bit over the years, I now use the FlexRadio Systems 6600 for daily DX and Contesting operations.

the station

Summer 2022

Station A

  • FlexRadio 6600
  • FlexRadio TunerGenius XL (TGXL) tuner
  • FlexRadio PowerGenius XL (PGXL) amplifier

Station B

  • IC-7300
  • TS-940
  • SPE 1K-FA
  • Palstar AT2K Manual high power tuner
  • Top Ten Devices SO2R switch

Antenna Filtering/Switching


I am currently using VA6AM filters for Single Operator 2 Radio operation. These are high power filters, rated well over 2000 watts to keep isolation strong between bands.

I use filters on the following bands: 160, 80, 40, 20. Eventually filters will be added for 15 and 10 Meters.


Antenna switching is accomplished using an Array Solutions 6 x 2 antenna switch (6 antenna ports to 2 radio input ports). Remote switching is provided by a Green Heron Engineering remote base and +12v supplied over coax with a bias-tee connection.

I’ve recently added a 126′ end fed antenna to experiment with. Using a Balun Designs 9:1 balun rated for 5KW, this antenna comes in to a StackMatch where in certain instances, I can use either the EF, or combine the EF with the other wire antennas.

RX Antennas

Using the Unified Microsystems BevFlex system with the RAS-4 switch (also controlled via Green Heron). The main antenna is reversible NE/SW. Also have a 300′ Loop On Ground for omnidirectional RX on the low bands.

WT2P Current Activity